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Your beauty is our Passion here at Passionate Touch Beauty Salon! One Stop premier destination for all your beauty needs! We specialize in providing high-quality hair care products and body shapers. Our Passionate Touch Beauty One Step Blow dryer/ straightener brush is the fastest dryer you will ever use! Get the perfect pixie curls with our 500 degree 0.4, 0.5, or 1 in. flat irons a size for any curl!! Our at home hair care bundle keeps it cute with a sexy robe with a bow Tie Bonnet for long hair and shorter hair, a silk pillow case, eye mask and more to ensure you its not just A experience its A Passionate Touch!

We also offer a variety of Passionate Curvez Body Shapers, waist trainers, latex vest, corsets, fajas stage 1-3, butt lifters and more that accentuate your natural curves and help you achieve the figure you've always desired. Get the curvez you deserve with Passionate Curvez Shapewear!
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We understand that every woman is unique, and we strive to provide shapewear that caters to every individual's needs and preferences.
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We understand that every woman is unique, and we strive to provide shapewear that caters to every individual's needs and preferences.

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Our products not only give you an experience but leave your hair with a passionate touch!!

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here at passionate touch everyone leaves feeling lik ea star!! Your beauty is our passion !
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What is waist training

Waist training is the art of sculpting a more curvy silhouette by targeting and breaking down excess fat, allowing our specially designed garments to streamline and enhance your natural shape. It's not just about wearing a garment; it's a holistic approach to achieving your desired figure. Our waist trainers, latex vest corsets, and butt lifters are meticulously crafted to support your journey towards a more confident and empowered you.
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Hair Stylist
CEO of Passionate Touch Beauty
Tila is a great cosmetologist for many reasons. She’s been Licensed since 2006, and shes a Salon owner of 2 years! Her skills and expertise in the field have made her a sought-after professional in the industry. From her attention to detail to her commitment to providing exceptional service, Tila is a true asset to the world of cosmetology.

One of Tila's greatest strengths lies in her ability to understand her clients' needs and preferences. She takes the time to listen to their concerns and desires, and works with them to create a personalized look that fits their lifestyle and personality. Whether it's a simple haircut or a complex color treatment, Tila always strives to exceed her clients' expectations. Another aspect of Tila's expertise is her technical knowledge. She is well-versed in the latest trends and techniques, and is constantly expanding her skillset through continuing education and professional development.

She has battled in many worldwide hair shows and is a former winner of the golden scissors award. This enables her to provide her clients with the highest level of service, using the most up-to-date tools and products available. For example, Tila Assisted with Teyana Taylor and Her Air Jordan Nike commercial. Moreover, Tila is Member of Legions Of Glam (Log) the Largest Hair Group Base out of Atlanta under mentor Celebrity stylist Terrance Davidson, She has been on a 30 Day tour Featuring in different Cut Parties across 12 different cities! Tila has a keen eye for aesthetics and design. She understands the importance of balance, symmetry, and proportion in creating a flattering and cohesive look. She also has a deep understanding of color theory and can create stunning color combinations that enhance her clients' natural features. Finally, Tila's commitment to professionalism and customer service is unrivaled. She always maintains a clean and inviting workspace, and ensures that her clients feel comfortable and at ease throughout their appointment. She also takes the time to educate her clients on proper hair and skincare techniques, so they can maintain their look between appointments.

In conclusion, Tila is a great cosmetologist because of her skills, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Her ability to understand her clients' needs, her technical knowledge, her eye for design, and her commitment to professionalism and customer service make her a true asset to the cosmetology industry. As she is still pursuing her dream of being an on set stylist, Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Tila can be assured that they are in the hands of a talented and dedicated professional.
"Accepted me as a walk in. Got me together. She worked magic with my bald spot. I appreciate her."
Susan A.
When you come in here you go out feeling like a Queen..
And it's one stop shop walk in walk out feeling like a star....
Pamela T.
I so so love to come to this shop they treat you like your of they own very professional make sure all clients are comfortable I go here for all my hair needs and a good girls talk
Shante E.
Black history month offer!

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We obsess comfort, deliver results and ensure you look as good as you feel. We think forward, and give back. We believe women can do anything.

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